Choose Beauty

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What is Choose Beauty?

Choose Beauty is a print publication created by Modern Salon in partnership with The American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS), The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and The International SalonSpa Business Network (ISBN). These brochures are filled with beauty industry stats, career opportunities in the business, success stories and beauty education information.

How can AACS members benefit from Choose Beauty?

Each AACS member school was sent several complimentary copies of Choose Beauty along with First Chair magazine. We’ve outlined below several ways schools can take advantage of these free copies. As an added bonus for AACS members only, schools will be able to purchase additional copies in bulk at member pricing. You can order packs of 50 for $33 (this includes shipping) while supplies last. If you’d like to purchase extra copies, click here to order online or call Geoff at 800.831.1086 x 101.

Whose eyes was Choose Beauty designed for?

Prospective students
High school guidance counselors
Government Relations contacts
Workforce and economic influencers
Media and other opinion leaders

How can school management & instructors use Choose Beauty?

  • Provide copies in the student salon reception area
  • Contact local economic development groups and send the brochure along with a letter of introduction
  • Send a letter to key contacts along with a copy of the brochure discussing how your school is preparing students for careers that are rewarding and are in-demand
  • Introduce enrolled students to the brochure and let them know copies are available if they have friends who are exploring career options
  • Share with governmental liaisons

How can admissions staff use Choose Beauty?

  • Share brochures with prospective students and their parents. Be sure to familiarize yourself with content so that you can reference it to point out individual concerns ranging from income potential to job demand.
  • Share the link to the digital version on your school Facebook page

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  • Mail a copy (or send the digital version) to prospects inquiring by phone.
  • Provide the digital version on your school website
  • Distribute at creative demonstrations and open houses held at campus.
  • Distribute at high school and community career fairs
  • Visit high school guidance counseling offices and provide brochures as a resource, along with your school enrollment information
  • Visit local high schools and offer brochures as a resource for media centers, such as libraries

How can school marketing staff use Choose Beauty?

  • Distribute at open houses and corporate events (i.e. local fashion shows)
  • Share with local education reporters
  • Provide the digital version on your school website
  • Use the digital version as content for a blog post about careers in beauty
  • Send the digital version to local beauty/fashion bloggers
  • Reference the brochure on your school’s “on-hold” messaging system and invite callers to request a copy or download the digital version

How can I bulk order copies of Choose Beauty?

You can order packs of 50 for $33 (this includes shipping) while supplies last. If you’d like to purchase extra copies, click here to order online or call Geoff at 800.831.1086 x 101.