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AACS 2015-2016 Committees


Frank Trieu, Treasurer, Evergreen Beauty College
425-268-6533 |


Cathy Koluch, The Studio Academy of Beauty
480-857-1138 |
This team evaluates proposals submitted for consideration to the Affinity Program. In order to enhance the value of American Association of Cosmetology Schools membership, the Association has entered into formal agreements with preferred service providers and other non-profits and associations.  The purpose of the program is to establish a member benefit designed to make the professional lives of AACS members better, easier and more efficient.


Nancy Lease
303-968-6721 |
This team reviews the association By-Laws on a regular basis and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for updates/changes to propose to the general membership. In addition, this team is responsible for keeping the President and the Board as a whole apprised of any potential violation of the By-Laws as may be consider in a board or team action or proposed action.


Mez Varol, International Academy
386-767-4600 x226 |
This team’s main function is to assist and collaborate with the AACS office in the recruitment and retention of School and Associate members.


Lynelle Lynch, Secretary, Bellus Academy
858-248-4450, (cell)858-525-2210 |

AACS Annual Convention & Expo

David Yocum, Bellus Academy
785-539-1837 |

Co-Chair: Gerard McAvey, Milady
800-998-7498 x2420 | gerard,
Co-Chair: Debbie Mack, Pivot Point International
847-866-0500 x7368 |

CEA Annual Convention

Carol Woodard, Change is the new black
817-999-5959 |
This team is primarily responsible for the planning and management of the Annual CEA Convention. An important responsibility for team members is to share knowledge and experience in the selection of convention topics and speakers. See Appendix Z for CEA benefits, Appendix AA for CEA subscription application and Appendix HH for the CEA Code of Ethics.

Skin Care School Council

Jesse Cormier, ASCP
800-789-0411 |
Co-Chair: Katie Armitage, ASCP
800-458-2267 |

This team represents the interest of schools with skin care programs and works with event committees to include information and resources valuable to skin care schools.

AMP Conference

Steven Dawson
803-798-8515 x105 |

Co-Chair: David Yocum, Bellus Academy
785-539-1837 |
Co-Chair: Mike Vanacore
718-273-1735 |


Robert Passage, Vice President, Pivot Point International
773-255-7900 |

Government Relations

Gregory Jones, Sunstate Academy
239-278-1311, (cell) 239-872-9532 |
This team is the official representative of AACS and its membership to the Executive and Legislative branches of the Federal Government and the U.S. Department of Education. Their responsibilities include reviewing, analyzing and responding to issues affecting member schools and students.

State Relations

Brenda Scharman, Cameo College Of Essential Beauty
801-747-5700, (cell) 801-604-3455 |
Co-Leader: Tricia Seil, Capri Oak Forest College
708-687-3020 |

This team’s responsibilities include the monitoring of regulatory and legislative issues at the state level and communicating those issues to the membership. A major goal is to create a network of advocates/watchdogs across the country who can mobilize our membership on important issues affecting their schools.


Lisha Barnes, Milady
800-998-7498 ext 4790 |
This team’s purpose is to improve the general knowledge, participation and appreciation of the post-secondary accreditation process regardless of the accrediting body.



Frank Trieu, Treasurer, Evergreen Beauty College
425-268-6533 |
This is a committee of the board of directors to monitor the financial health and stability of the organization.

Leadership Selection

Ray Testa, Past President
201-390-4314 |
This is a committee of current and past board members that identifies and develops future leaders of the association. They also review board applications of members requesting to run for office.


Mike Vanacore
Voice: 718-273-1735
The Pioneers are the leaders in our industry who have paved the way for our current and future success.

Diversity Task Force

Tam Nguyen, Advance Beauty College
714-390-9312 |
Tasked with Developing a Position Statement on behalf of AACS to be presented to the BOD for consideration. This will include research to see if by-laws may need changing in the future.

Career School Task Force

Frank Trieu, Treasurer, Evergreen Beauty College
425-268-6533 |
Tasked with adding the name change question to become the Career School/Assn. Continue working with Massage Envy. Begin exploring, with the help of Tom Netting, other types of career schools, which may fit AACS.