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AACS Webinar Series 2016-2017

AACS brings members exclusive content through in our in-person meetings like CEA and Annual Convention. But what if you can’t make it to our meetings, we’ll we’ve come up with a member benefit you’ll love. The following webinars are FREE to current AACS members! We’ll be adding more webinars in the future, so be sure to check back often. All webinars are offered at 1 PM Eastern unless otherwise noted. If you have a suggestion for a webinar topic we’re not covering, email Adam Nelson at

DateTitle & DescriptionPresenterRegister
8/22/2017AACS v. Department of Education Update
Duane Morris LLP will provide an update on Gainful Employment Alternate Earnings Appeals, including new deadlines and processes.
Duane Morris, LLP Register
8/24/2017AACS v. Department of Education Update
Duane Morris LLP will provide an update on Gainful Employment Alternate Earnings Appeals, including new deadlines and processes.
Duane Morris, LLP Register
7/26/2017Sugaring: A Sweet Deal!
In the salon and spa world, the name of the game is personal care. When it comes to hair removal, we want great results, quick service and fabulous service.
Sugaring fits the bill so well, clients are asking for this sweet treat in hair removal.
This webinar is designed to give you the What, Why, How and When of Sugaring. We’ll explore what Sugaring is, why it is such a desirable service, how you can take advantage of this trend and when it makes sense to start.
Kate Riley, Director of Education for Salon Sugar Products, Inc. Watch
7/11/17AACS v. Department of Education Ruling
Join us next week as Ed Cramp and Katherine Brodie of Duane Morris LLP and Tom Netting of Akerman LLP lead us through the details of the ruling and explain what it means for your school.
Ed Cramp & Katherine Brodie, Duane Morris LLP; Tom Netting, Akerman LLP
7/6/17AACS v. Department of Education Ruling
Join us next week as Ed Cramp and Katherine Brodie of Duane Morris LLP and Tom Netting of Akerman LLP lead us through the details of the ruling and explain what it means for your school.
Ed Cramp & Katherine Brodie, Duane Morris LLP; Tom Netting, Akerman LLP
5/17/2017Nails are Back!
Enhance your program with new skills that will take your students to a new level of client care, one more fitting current clientele. Train your technicians to work safely with three groups of clients who formerly were told to or desired to avoid nail salons: the fragile elderly who were directed not to go to nail salons; the fearful consumer whom the media scared away from nail technicians; and the chronically ill client who required special care due to chronic conditions, such as diabetes. You will be taught how to refer to and receive referrals from physicians and podiatrists who hold a new respect for your technicians. Taught how to take these skills to a welcoming public and an interested medical community, the technicians will expand their clientele and their job market while dramatically increasing respect for themselves, the school that trained them, and the nail industry.
Janet McCormick, NailCare Academy, LLC
4/4/17What’s Happening in the States: Reregulation, Reduction of Hours, and More
AACS is currently monitoring over 250 bills of interest to cosmetology, barbering, esthetics and massage therapy schools. Please join us for a webinar reviewing key 2017 state public policy trends – including deregulation and the reduction of hours for licensure. AACS supports continued mandatory state licensing of Beauty and Wellness professionals, in all 50 states, to assure those entering the workforce have the requisite knowledge to secure a position and succeed as a new Beauty and Wellness employee, as well as to protect consumers against harm resulting from deregulation of the beauty industry. The activities of other groups seeking to impact state licensure of beauty industry professions will also be discussed.
Lynelle Lynch, Secretary of the AACS Board of Directors; Brenda Scharman, AACS State Relations Committee Co-Chair; Katherine Brodie, Special Counsel, Duane Morris LLP; and Brian Newman, AACS’ State Relations Adviser
3/29/17Your 15 point checklist for boosting Admissions
This session will cover a 15 point checklist made by Enrollment Boosters that will go over specific lead generation, marketing and sales techniques.
Stephen Epstein, DollarCamp, LLC
3/22/2017AACS Lawsuit Update
In this can't miss webinar, Ed Cramp will be addressing new and updated information regarding the AACS lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education.

This webinar will not be recorded, so please make every effort to attend this important session.
Ed Cramp, AACS attorney
3/15/2017Making the Leap from Great Student to Excellent Employee
This session helps to prep members to navigate students through the recruiting process and making the leap from being a student to being an employee. Understand what real world employers are looking for as they seek graduates to begin and build their Beauty industry careers. We will discuss behavioral interviewing, setting expectations and why culture and cultural fit is so critical (for both the employer and the employee). And finally this session will touch on the importance of salesmanship, both for the student looking to brand themselves and for the employer who needs their associates to be skilled technically, and also in both customer service and sales.
Rebecca Jones,
European Waxing Center
3/2/2017How Small Changes can Add up to Big Enrollments.
Your best enrollment gains are typically made through tiny process improvement victories. Small tweaks can generate interest from students you seek by improving website conversion rates. Enrollment Resources will walk through a series of website optimization tests, showing how tiny innovations can generate the right interest in your schools.

We’ll show several split-test renditions, ask for votes on which performed better then reveal the winner! Afterwards, we’ll talk through the wherefore and why of each test.
Gregg Meiklejohn, Enrollment Resources Watch
2/28/2017 AACS Lawsuit Against the U.S. Dept of Education on GE: What Does it Mean for Members?
AACS has filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Education seeking to prevent the enforcement of the Gainful Employment rule against our member schools. AACS realizes that many of your may have questions about the lawsuit and we would like to give you the opportunity to hear directly from our legal team, Edward Cramp of Duane Morris. Please join us as he provides insight into what AACS seeks to accomplish and what we can expect from the case.
Ed Cramp, Duane-Morris, LLP, AACS Attorney
2/15/2017Cash Management Requirements.
During the webinar we will review the changes made to cash management regulations in the Final Rules published on October 30, 2015.  We will detail the  importance of students having timely access to their Title IV funds, including timelines and methods needed to administer student credit balances, charges for books, supplies, kits, tools, and instances that require the school to disburse credit  balances to students prior to ordering funds.
Sally Samules, FAME Watch
2/2/2017SEO Basics
Over the years and in recent months, Google has been consistently rolling out updates to its search engine algorithm... And, as a result, many "traditional" search engine optimization (SEO) tactics simply aren’t working anymore.

But many cosmetology schools (and marketing consultants) are still using "old school" SEO tactics. And if you’re still using an out-dated approach to SEO, you’re wasting your time and money... and even worse, you could be putting your search engine rankings at risk.

On this free webinar, Phil will quickly bring you up to speed on the latest Google updates, and he'll give you a clear action plan to get your school ranking higher in Google over the next 30 days.
Phil Frost, Main Street ROI
2/1/2017Deregulation: What Cosmetology & Barbering Schools Need to Know.
The threat of cosmetology and barbering deregulation is real as states across the country are currently reviewing occupational licensing laws to reduce regulatory burdens. AACS State Relations Adviser Brian Newman will be joined by Executive Director Adam Nelson, and Board and State Relations Committee leaders, to discuss the threat’s origin and to provide you with procedures to address it. These include analyzing pending legislation, uniting with school/industry colleagues, and effectively engaging state legislators. Key talking points supporting the continued licensure of cosmologists and barbers will also be discussed.
Brian Newman, AACS State Relations Advisor Watch
1/25/2017Help with YELP!
You may have seen your business on Yelp and read through your reviews, but did you know that only about 1% of consumers on Yelp are adding reviews and photos to the site? Most people go to Yelp to find a great local business when they need one, and a study conducted by Nielsen found that nearly 90% of searches on Yelp result in a transaction within a week. So how do you get these potential clients in your door? This webinar will walk you through how you can use Yelp for Business Owners to put your best foot forward on Yelp and tell the story of your business in a place that consumers are looking to spend. It will also cover how to use your reviews to nurture your most loyal customers, convert more potential customers, and how to handle your negative feedback.
Genna Gold, YELP! Watch
1/11/2017Hitting the Mark with Your Grad Employment Data.
Has collecting accurate information from recent graduates become a challenge for your team? If so, you are not alone! We’ll explore the three phases your institution should follow to overcome these obstacles and simplify the process. Attendees will get an overview of recent provisions in employment data reporting, including what to expect in coming years and how to prepare your institution for these changes.
Shawn Graybill, IntegriShield Watch
12/15/2016How to Use Instagram to Build Your School
Learn how to craft a beautiful Instagram feed to attract more students to your school and build your brand. In this webinar you will learn three traits of a great Instagram photo, the three kinds of captions you should be writing and ideas for how to find and engage with your community on the platform.
Stephanie Carter, Oozle Media Watch
12/8/2016Where Do We Go From Here?
Succession Planning for the Next Phase. Have you considered the next phase for your school and your future? Do you have a plan that ensures a successful transition and your peace of mind? Business succession comes in different shapes and sizes for every business and every business owner - no two are the same. It is important to understand what a succession plan is, the benefits and pitfalls, and the general characteristics of a good plan. Different exit strategies bring about different considerations, impacts and consequences. Whether your strategy is intentional or unintentional and involves family succession, or merger or sale, or simply closure, there are value, structure and tax considerations for all. This session will discuss things you need to consider for your succession plan.
Diane DeFebbo, CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP Watch
11/16/2016Are Your Students Tired of Talking to Mannequins?
Building a strong clientele is a vital piece to your students' education. If your students practice their technical skills on mannequins more than they do on guests - this session is for you. Learn how to elevate your education by increasing your number of clients. In this session industry expert Eric Fisher shares his top 4 techniques for growing your clinic floor. The same techniques that have helped him grow his businesses to do over 14,000 services per month. Your guests have many options; find out how you can be their #1 choice. It will increase your client count and your students will build their technical and business skills.
Eric Fisher, ProsperU Watch
11/1/2016More Gain, Less Pain: Strategies for GE Compliance and Guidelines for GE Appeals
This presentation will review key components for effective GE process appeals, outline methods for assessing GE components and rates, and discuss a range of potential program and operational changes that may improve compliance with the GE Debt to Earnings ratio requirements.
Ron Holt,
Douthit, Frets, Rouse, Gentile & Rhodes, LLC