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Marketing is king in the beauty and wellness industry. How and where to reach target markets online, in print, and through social media is always changing. The CEA & AMP Annual Convention is an opportunity to learn best marketing practices in the beauty industry, retain students, and to connect with like-minded professionals in a creative, exciting environment. Here are the top reasons you, as a beauty marketer, cannot miss this year’s convention in Las Vegas.

1. Advanced Social Media Marketing. How you promote and advertise your business is rapidly changing. The days of mailers, radio, TV marketing within the beauty and esthetician school industry are shrinking, while social media marketing on Facebook and Google is taking off. Several marketing experts will be in attendance at the convention, sharing valuable insights into using social ads and social media as enrollment tools. One presenter will even share the most effective tool to securing leads, that also happens to be the most underutilized. You don’t want to miss it.

2. Network With Peers. There is not a better resource in the industry for networking. At CEA & AMP, business and marketing professionals will be available to A) teach you best practices in marketing to students and clients, and B) talk to you one-on-one to exchange marketing ideas and to share industry wins. You’ll make valuable contacts that will help you take your business from successful to elite.

3. Successfully Retaining Students. It’s not enough to get your students to sign the dotted line. There must be clear indicators from the very beginning that you mean to teach each student every thing it takes to work in the beauty industry, and why successful completion of your program is right for them. Faculty and marketing experts will walk away with a renewed sense of ownership for their programs and school, as well as an arsenal of methods to help retain students.

4. Exhibitors And Vendors. Keeping up with best products and tools in the beauty keeps you from falling behind; if you’re not improving, you’re falling behind. For 90 minutes, attendees will get to visit with vendors from across the country with the latest tools and resources available to beauty and wellness marketing professionals. Take what you learn from classes and sessions, and acquire the necessary tools to get more leads.

5. It’s In Vegas! The most important aspect of CEA / AMP is not where it is, but what you learn. But it helps that this year’s event is being held at the beautiful Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas! Experience the conference indoors and take breaks downtown.

As students gain access to new technologies and means of communications, it’s up to beauty marketers to tap into those mediums to reach their desired audience. Marketing techniques have never before evolved this fast, making the education you will receive at CEA / AMP 2016 in Las Vegas that much more valuable to you and your business. We’ll see you there!

Register here. Early bird registration at a discounted rate ends June 17.

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