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5 Reasons Educators Need to Attend CEA & AMP 2016

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Beauty education, much like the hair your students style and the services they perform on the salon floor, is always changing. Keeping up with teaching methods and implementing new technology into your training empowers you to be the most effective educator possible. The annual CEA / AMP Convention, this year in Las Vegas, is your go-to source for educational sessions and breakout opportunities to become a better educator of beauty and wellness. Here’s why you don’t want to miss it!

1. Network With Educators

This year’s convention offers a plethora of sessions on beauty education, everything from new styling techniques to best retaining practices. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with speakers and presenters, who will share with you industry wins in education that you can test in your own school or business. These valuable contacts may be in the difference between just teaching your students, and really engaging with them.

2. Exhibitors and Vendors

You can’t afford to fall behind in the beauty business; new products, creative and innovative teaching tools, and acquiring the latest and greatest in cutting and coloring tools is essential to quality teaching. Big name makeup brands and industry respected salons will be on the show floor showcasing new products for educators in the classroom and the salon floor.

3. Learn To Connect With Your Students

Your ability to teach is only as great as the attention you command from your students. Conventional ways of teaching can sometimes not reach the students the same as they did five, even ten years ago. With Twitter, Instagram, and Snap Chat, molding your approach is necessary. The ultimate goal is to prepare your students to enter the job market with strong portfolios and a solid handle on the interview process. At CEA, learn how to get your students to look up from their phones, and truly engage.

4. Innovative Teaching Practices

Soak in information taken from case studies at beauty schools around the country whose educators are ditching the traditional lecture and homework teaching model for a more learner-centric approach. One seminar promises to help educators organize and create a plan for flipping their classroom; Identify applications for recording presentations and lectures; Find opportunities to share pre-recorded lesson content; and Coach students through the “Guide on the Side” learning approach.

5. CEA & AMP Is In Vegas!

It’s about time, right? The endless hours soaking up new information, networking, and learning about new products will only be enhanced by the Las Vegas sunshine. You don’t want to miss it!

We promise you will take a leap forward as an educator with all the valuable insights gained from CEA / AMP. You will benefit from it, your salon will find more success and, most of all, your students. We’ll see you there!

Learn more about CEA & AMP 2016, and register here.

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