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  • April 9th

    Class Descriptions

    • 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM : Legal Training

      Running a school is fraught with legal challenges. Schools are confronted daily with challenges in nearly every area of law, from federal regulatory issues to employment claims. Spend a day with AACS Outside General Counsel Edward Cramp and a panel of experts from the law firm Duane Morris as they review a wide spectrum of legal challenges faced by school owners. The seminar will feature a robust and continuing question and answer session. Topics covered will include:

      • Gainful Employment
      • Student Warnings
      • Loan Counseling
      • Borrower Defense
      • Student Claims
      • Arbitration
      • Disability
      • FERPA
      • Title IX & Clery Act
      • Hiring, Firing, and Employing People
      • Wage & Hour
      • Leaves of Absence & Time Off for Employees
      • Third Party Servicers
      • Cash Management
      • Career Pathways
      • New Audit Guide
      • Small School Advocacy

      Presented by Edward Cramp, Katherine Brodie and Kristina Gill of Duane Morris, LLP. Sponsored by Duane Morris, LLP.
      Additional registration and fee required. Click here to register now.
  • April 10th

    Class Descriptions

    • 9:00 AM – 10:10 AM : Keynote Address – Wisdom and Stories to Grow On

      Geno has had a profound impact on the beauty industry in many ways. He began his career working behind the chair in a salon and gradually moved up to manage and finally to own a collection of successful salons. He has also owned two beauty academies, where he interacted with and instructed his students. Geno has been a distributor and sales consultant to salons, a major platform artist, and has shared the stage with the world’s greatest artists.
      Geno Stampora will feed your soul, fill your heart, and open your mind to new opportunities. His keynote presentations are industry-renowned. He is real. He is funny. He is exciting!
      You will leave feeling recharged, you will be recommitted, and you will learn a new way to see life and our beauty industry.

      Presented by Geno Stampora

    • 10:30 AM – 11:15 AM : Voices from the Trenches: Effective Marketing and Advertising Trends

      This panel discussion features individuals who will share proven concepts that have increased enrollment and/or brand recognition in their businesses. You will leave with new ideas on effective advertising and marketing techniques that can increase your ROI.

      Hosted by Chris Linford of Oozle Media

    • 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM : 24 Ways to Create a World Class Enrollment Process

      As leaders, we aspire to have our schools recognized as world class. Tiny changes in the Enrollment Management process – touch-points from Interest, to Lead, to Prospect, to Student, to Graduate – can propel your school forward toward that goal. You will learn how lead management can be applied to enrollment management in higher education, and take a subset of enrollment management tips back to your schools to implement immediately.

      Presented by Tom King of Enrollment Resources

    • 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM : : The What and Why of Competency Requirements – The Big Picture

      During this session, School Owners and Thought Leaders will review components of highly reliable organizations, consider the value in competency requirements for beauty and wellness education, consider proficiency scales as a way to align expectations to requirements and consider valid performance assessments as a means for evaluating future professional.

      Presented by Tammy Heflebower of Marzono Research. Sponsored by Pivot Point.

    • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM : Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?—Keeping Them All Engaged

      It’s hard to believe that this iconic phrase hit the theaters almost 32 years ago and it still rings true today! Sit back and listen to this panel of peers and experts on how they motivate and encourage their students and staff. Find out how others are making school more meaningful and experiential for this new generation while tending to the needs of their current educators. Learn how to keep your staff and students engaged to reduce both the mental and physical “absence”…hence the famous line, “Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?”

      Panel Hosted by Carol Woodard of Change is the New Black

    • 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM : Retention – To Have and To Hold, That is the Question

      Takeaways you will get from this class:

      • How do you narrow down your “at risk” students?
      • What are the red flags or warning signs
      • How do you teach them common sense?
      • How do you keep them focused when they are the “here and now” generation?
      • What tools are out there in the way of technology and/or apps that can help with any of this?
      • With all the talk on “culture,” are we trying to shove a square peg into a round hole? Should we be more focused on setting expectations? Should we be creating more of an “experience” instead of a “culture?”

      Presented by Jim Yates of Nuts and Bolts

    • 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM : Unconscious Incompetence: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

      The Business Dictionary defines benchmarking as, “A measurement of the quality of an organization’s policies, products, programs, strategies, etc., and their comparison with standard measurements, or similar measurements of its peers.” So, what are the standard measurements for a private post-secondary beauty school? This session will be used to introduce benchmarking concepts as well as provide more information on creating these standard measurements within our educational community.

      Presented by Steven Dawson of Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology
  • April 11th

    Class Descriptions

    • 9:30 AM – 10:15 AM : Fear Less, Do More
      A Talk That Will Change Your Perception of Fear and Inspire You to Take Action

      Michelle’s humorous and inspiring speaking style has been captivating audiences across the globe. With authentic storytelling, engaging visuals and her 100 Days Without Fear experience, Michelle will show you how to challenge your comfort zone to tap into your full potential. In this fun and energizing session, you’ll learn about:

      • Dealing with the unknown
      • Seeking growth over safety
      • Embracing authenticity
      • Daring to fail
      • Leading with accountability
      • Redefining fear, from obstacle to opportunity

      One of Michelle’s key findings lies on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs where she uncovered how our needs not only motivate us, but they also limit us. By learning how to prioritize and negotiate with our needs, we open a world of opportunities.

      Presented by Michelle Poler. Sponsored by Milady

    • 10:35 AM – 11:25 AM : State Relations & Activating Your Local Advocacy

      In some states, a bill can be introduced and become a law within 72 hours. If deregulation reared its ugly head in your state, do you know what to do? Listen to this panel of individuals as they share their stories of what has been happening in their states and how they have summoned all hands on deck. The question is not “if it will happen in your state, but when will it happen?” Come and find out out how to NOT get caught with your pants down!

      Panel hosted by Brenda Scharman of Cameo College of Essential Beauty

    • 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM : Increasing Your Clinic and Retail Business

      School owners and managers are so involved with the day to day business of student activity (admissions, instructing and placement) that they have no time to focus on the retail function of their business. Many schools feel that retail is a non-essential and that this function is one that will just happen with minimal results. Yet the mastering of prescriptive sales is primary to the success of all students in the real world in establishing a solid client base. Schools have what the big box and department stores dream of, a multiple segment service module to attract the consumer. However, schools seldom realize the power they have in developing their retail business which could give them a much needed, added revenue stream.

      Presented by Aaron Sonnenschein of Dermalogica

    • 12:15 PM – 1:00 PM : Advanced Training Classes as Additional Income

      Advanced Training classes are an un-tapped market waiting for you. This class will provide valuable information to enhance the amount of income generated within your school. All you have to do is put in the time to make it happen. Learn how to potentially bring in additional revenues of $100k per year from advanced classes, how to tap into your network and collaborate with different educators, and how to market your next Advanced Training class.

      Presented by Suki Leung of American Beauty Institute
  • April 12th

    Class Descriptions

    • 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM : Capitol Hill Day

      The culmination of the 2018 School Leaders Summit will be a day spent on Capitol Hill, where we will meet with legislators to advocate on behalf of the Beauty and Wellness Education Industry. This important event will bring members of Congress and their staff face to face with school owners and industry leaders to discuss the critical issues facing our schools. Your advocacy efforts matter – in person meetings between legislators and constituents are one of the most powerful ways to impact public policy. Continental breakfast provided at hotel.

Capitol Hill Day

April 12, 2018
National Beauty & Wellness Education Day

Get the full recap on the 2018 AACS Capitol Hill Day here

AACS thanks you in advance for your participation in the 2018 School Leaders Summit & Capitol Hill Day at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC. Taking place April 12th, 2018 Capitol Hill Day is a significant component of AACS’ ongoing advocacy efforts and political outreach at the federal level. Your institution’s active involvement in Capitol Hill Day – along with students, alumni, employers and partners – is crucial in our efforts to ENLIGHTEN Congress and the Trump Administration about the great benefits our schools provide to thousands of students each year.

Capitol Hill Day will also include pre-sessions and training opportunities featuring experienced government affairs advocates, policy experts, Members of Congress and key staffers. These special sessions will be designed to enhance your advocacy skills and knowledge of federal higher education policy, and to provide up-to-date insights into current political and policy developments affecting our schools and students. AACS staff and consultants will assist with logistics and provide materials to facilitate your discussions. If you are having any challenges scheduling meetings, please contact Gina Rossi in the AACS office for assistance.

While you are in Washington DC for the Leaders Summit, we urge you to meet with your Congressional delegation and make your voice heard – ultimately, that is what Capitol Hill Day is all about.

Wondering what to expect when you get to Washington, D.C.? Watch one of two webinars to get all the details on this year’s Hill Day and how to schedule your meetings with your Members of Congress.

Webinar Part 1
Webinar Part 2

Schedule Your Meetings on Capitol Hill

To help you schedule meetings with your congressional delegation while you’re in Washington, D.C., we’ve compiled the following tips and tools you can use to easily contact your elected officials.


Find your members of Congress.

Request your meetings.

Notify AACS of your schedule.

By searching your address, you can easily identify your Members of Congress and get their Washington, D.C. contact information to request your meeting. Remember: you could have political interest in two districts - make sure you search both your home and your business addresses.

Find Your Representative
Find your Senators (TWO)

To help make the process easy, we have provided templates for you to use as you request meetings. Simply enter your information where applicable, and paste onto your school's letterhead and/or submit through your Member of Congress' website.

Request Template - HOUSE
Request Template - SENATE
Tips for Scheduling meetings
Track meetings with this form

To coordinate transportation to Capitol Hill, Congressional Staff meetings, and follow-up after the event, AACS needs to track your meetings as part of the AACS Capitol Hill Day. Once your meetings are scheduled, forward the confirmation information sheet to Gina Rossi at AACS.

• Email: gina@beautyschools.org
• Phone: 480.281.0431 x 102

Your AACS Hill Day Pre-Departure Checklist

Your Board of Directors, Government Relations Committee, and the AACS staff and consultants want to once again thank you for registering to participate in the
2018 Schools Leaders Summit and Capitol Hill Day! As you prepare to come to Washington, we thought it might be helpful to provide you with a short “AACS Hill Day Pre-Departure Checklist” of things we encourage you to make sure you bring along with you.

1. Congressional Appointment Itinerary
• Make sure you have a list of the date, time, location, and names, e-mail addresses, and numbers of the Members offices and staff with whom you have spoken.
• Make sure to send Gina Rossi (gina@beautyschools.org) a copy of this information before you depart.

2. Know Your School and Your Community
• Institutional Data & Student Success Stories — Nothing paints a more vivid image of your institution than the stories of your students and your outcomes data. Be prepared to either provide your elected officials with one or two very brief handouts with information on your students and outcomes and/or prepared to share this information at the drop of a hat when discussing your school(s) with pride!
• Your Community – Be able to explain briefly and clearly the needs of the community, how your community is changing, and how the school is responding to these changes. Remember both you and the Member SHARE this community!

3. Know Your Legislators
• Background Information – It never hurts to take just a few minutes to review the website bio for each of your elected officials. Is there a link between you and the member from you collective past? Are there issues highlighted on the site that you can use as a conversation starter?
• Previous Contact – Don’t forget to highlight past meetings, visits, or outreach you have provided to the members offices.
• Stance on Our Issues – What does the website say about the members stance on education – particularly higher education issues? If you need help, ask the staff when you get to DC and we will share what information we have with you.

4. Getting Down to Business
• Business Cards – Don’t forget to pack an ample supply of business cards. Whether you are meeting your elected officials or their staff for the first time, or have an established rapport with them already, it is always important to make sure that they have a way to reach you.
• Business Attire – We know that you know how to dress to impress, but please don’t go overboard. Being too fashionable with designer apparel and your most expensive jewelry is great for an evening out, but not a day on the Hill. Impressions matter, don’t give our friends or our critics any cause for critiques.
• Sensible Shoes – No this isn’t a belated April Fool’s joke. Walking the halls of the House and Senate office buildings can be more than a bit hard on your feet. Wearing comfortable dress shoes can help alleviate some of the discomfort of a long day hurrying from meeting to meeting. Trust us, you and your feet will thank us by the end of the day.

5. AACS Cliffs Notes
Download this very brief document outlining AACS’ targeted House and Senate Primary and Individual Requests and take just a few minutes to print out, bring with you, and read prior to your arrival.

AACS is proud to announce that former U.S. Representative George Miller of California will be speaking at the 2018 School Leaders Summit in Washington DC.

The primary focus of Mr. Miller’s session will be to provide guidance to the membership on what to expect while they visit their elected officials during the AACS Congressional Hill Day on Thursday April 12.

Rep. Miller served in Congress from 1975 until his retirement in 2015. During that time, he was a leading advocate on education, labor, the economy, and the environment. From 2007 to 2010 as the Chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor, he worked to strengthen the American middle class and create education and employment opportunities. In the 111th Congress, he helped craft President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which included investments to spur education reform like the Race to the Top program. Sponsored by Milady.

Hotel & Travel

Omni Shoreham Hotel
2500 Calvert St NW
Washington, DC 20008

Since 1930, the luxurious Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. has hosted presidents, world leaders and inaugural balls, making it a true landmark in our nation’s capital. Today, the hotel fuses modern comforts with distinguished service, creating a monumental experience for guests.

Located in one of the area’s premier residential neighborhoods, this elegant urban retreat boasts a resort atmosphere and a personal taste of politics, culture, art and music. Situated on 11 lush acres and just steps away from the National Zoo, the Omni Shoreham boasts a vibrant location. While on site, take advantage of spa services, dining options and elegant meeting facilities.

Following a rewarding day, come home to your luxury guest room. Located just 8 miles from Reagan National Airport, 28 miles from Dulles International Airport and 33 miles from Baltimore-Washington International Airport.


2018 School Leaders Summit & Capitol Hill Day

When: April 9 – 12, 2018

Where: Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington DC

Ideal for: School Owners, School Directors, Industry Partners

This two-day intensive workshop will bring school leaders together to collaborate on improving the student experience and implementing best practices in your business, while touching on State Relations and the new audit guidelines. Meet with AACS’ leading Industry Partners to gain the latest information on their products and services that will assist you with putting new tools and skills to use in your business.

On Capitol Hill, we will shed light on areas for improvement in the Beauty and Wellness Education Industry. By sharing stories of challenge and success, we will enlighten ourselves and our peers to see potential we may not have seen before. The culmination of the 2018 School Leaders Summit will be a day spent on Capitol Hill where we will come face to face with members of Congress and their staff to discuss the critical issues facing our schools.

Today’s Collaboration, Tomorrow’s Victory
As we come together, schools and partners will shed light on areas for improvement in the Beauty and Wellness Education Industry. By sharing stories of challenge and success, we will enlighten ourselves and our peers to see potential we may not have seen before. The culmination of the 2018 School Leaders Summit will be a day spent on Capitol Hill where we will come face to face with members of Congress and their staff to discuss the critical issues facing our students and the schools that serve them.


  • Non-concurrent sessions so you don’t miss a thing
  • In conjunction with the 2018 Capitol Hill Day
  • Recognition of April 12 as National Beauty & Wellness Education Day
  • Hill Day preparation presented by former Congressman George Miller of California
  • Interactive sessions on topics key to the future of beauty and wellness education
  • Meals and receptions for networking and relationship building
  • Optional Legal Workshop on Monday, April 9 (for an additional fee)
  • Important updates from your GRC Committee